High Power and Midi Power LED types. Which one to choose?

Complete guide to choosing between High Power and Midi Power LED

In this article we will talk a little about the main types of LED and which is the best option for each application.

You will read about:

  • The most common;
  • Thermal dissipation characteristics;
  • Efficiency
  • Sulfuration
  • and Economy.  

For lighting industrial environments, both internal and external areas and public lighting, the use of High Power or Midi Power LEDs is most common.  

The LED known as High Power has different characteristics regarding size.

Midi Power’s measurements are between the standard 28×35, 30×30 or the famous 50×50.

The High Power LED uses a ceramic encapsulation with excellent thermal properties, 

While the Midi Power LED uses epoxy encapsulation, which is a much superior technology compared to what was used in the past such as plastics and even reused plastics.

About efficiency and light emission

Both the High Power LED and the Midi Power LED in their construction base use sapphire substrate, considered the best luminous property on the LED market.

With it it is possible to extract up to 95% of light, that is, only 5% loss. 

The difference is that Midi Power also uses a silver reflective base in its encapsulation construction. With this, the emitted light is converted to the silver reflector, guaranteeing 100% light emission without any loss.

In this scenario, the efficiency of the Midi Power LED can reach up to 200 lm/watt.

Sulfuration and loss of luminosity

A problem commonly found mainly in public lighting, which directly affects the useful life of the LED, is sulfurization.

Sulfuration is nothing more than the reaction that occurs between the silver used in Midi Power reacting with hydrogen sulfide, a gas found in abundance in the external environment. 

However, the 50×50 LEDs can be used as a coaching that protects the silver, guaranteeing the useful life that has been certified.

A more economical luminaire 

Another positive point about using the Midi Power 50×50 LED is the high light potential that allows the reduction of LEDs applied to the luminaire, which can reduce its overall size. Making it much lighter and more economical.

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