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Indústrias Iluminadas with the Power of Conexled

There are no longer any doubts about the extremely positive impacts of LED lighting for industries. It represents an increasingly important role in cost reduction, productivity, and even organizational climate.

Check out some of the industrial projects we have carried out:


Installation of CLF in a project for the food sector.
We have successfully implemented our CLF luminaire with a modular system. Its exceptional versatility met the company’s demands, providing effective and safe lighting in challenging industrial environments. We are committed to continuing to offer innovative lighting solutions.

Luiz Correia

Projeto Klabin

A project was carried out using the CLT, CLB and CLG-CR lines in this company in the paper and cellulose sector.
We carried out a challenging project in the pulp and paper industry, where we implemented our CLT, CLB and CLG-CR luminaires in an aggressive work area. Our lighting solution provided efficiency and safety, highlighting our commitment to excellence. We are proud to contribute to the success of this project.

Marcelo Malheiros

Subestación Southern

Substation project for an important mine in southern Peru located in the department of Moquegua at 3,500 meters above sea level, where the geographical conditions are very difficult, such as exposure to the sun with high radiation and the pollution typical of a mine. Our CONEXLED lighting equipment is designed and built for this type of rough work, so performance, warranty and safety are guaranteed for these applications. Equipment used for this project are CLB-EX1, CLB-H, CLF-MPC, CLK and CLT.
The development of this project was carried out from the lighting study to the supply of the equipment for this Sub-station, considering all the working conditions indicated by the client and being satisfied with the final project. Conexled continues to position itself in the main mines in Peru due to the diversity of lighting equipment that we handle in our portfolio.

Paulo Pacahuala


Customer needed a luminaire in the loading of the ADM and it was carried out a project with CLH-PA.
The CLH-PA luminaire that was installed in the industry loading provided good lighting, which maintains a safe working environment. In addition, its energy-saving technology has contributed to lower costs.

Guilherme Marinho

Power plants are the most challenging projects where it is necessary to maintain a good level of lux to ensure safe operations.
With the new luminaires, the lighting became much more efficient and uniform, providing much better visibility of the activities carried out in the area. In addition, the quality of Conexled luminaires is remarkable. They are durable, strong and reliable, which ensures that the boiler area remains well lit and safe, even in extreme temperature and humidity conditions.

Ricardo Bacci

Project carried out in a Sugar Mill, where the challenge was to maintain a good level of lighting for sugar analysis.
The energy efficiency of Conexled luminaires can provide increased productivity for the analysis team. The luminosity provided precision and safety work in daily tasks without worrying about poor lighting.

Ricardo Bacci

Place of application with a high rate of vapors and high temperatures, the need was for an armored solution.
The Conexled team helped the customer understand the differences between the various LED lighting options and their needs. Detailed and accurate information was provided on the technical specifications of each product.

Ricardo Bacci

Project carried out in the steel industry, furnace and rolling mill area.
In this project, the entire Conexled team demonstrated a high level of professionalism and commitment at all stages of the process, from the needs assessment to the final result.

Mauro Noda

The main issue for this customer was to reduce energy consumption, increase luminous flux and reduce component changes. Installation in an open environment, but without major aggressive agents.
After installation, we can immediately see the difference in terms of light and energy savings. The luminaires provided brighter, more uniform lighting, which made my work environment more productive and safer.

Guilherme Marinho

Need for night maintenance in substations, and sanitation works, an autonomous model was needed, due to lack of electrical infrastructure.
The autonomous projector is extremely powerful and bright, which allows the customer to carry out night works without any problems. In addition, the autonomy of the projector’s battery is fundamental, guaranteeing lighting throughout the work period.

Marcos Vinicius

Cliente optou por fazer projeto retrofit em sua área de armazenamento e laboratórios. Desafio era trocar luminárias de vapor de sódio por LED garantindo economia e maior eficiência.
Cliente ficou super satisfeito com o grau de luminosidade e com a redução dos custos.

Marcos Vinicius

Area with great challenges linked to high temperatures and vapors, requiring shielded and exclusive solutions for aggressive environments.
From the beginning, I realized that the Conexled team really cared about our specific needs and were committed to providing customized solutions to meet our requirements.

Ricardo Bacci

We need a model that meets the practicality of movement of the projector. Because it is a light equipment with a high degree of luminosity, it was developed with a magnetic beam and used as a Portable Luminaire for maintenance on two ships. Result widely attended and also recommended for other units.
We recommend the use of this projector for other lighting projects that require mobility and efficiency.

Mauro Noda

The challenge of this project was to offer the product suitable for the port environment, with strong winds and seas.
We did a long job of specifying the ideal luminaires for this unit. A large partnership was started after customer satisfaction with the final result of this project. A Conexled possui o producto certo com excelente desempenho esmeso em agressivos ambientes.

Mauro Noda

The main challenge was the result of lighting with 60 lux required and also because it is a port area there was a need for the product to be bound.
The luminosity achieved by the high powered floodlights was exceptional, ensuring that the entire port area is well lit and safe for its employees and visitors.

Marcelo Malheiros

With the satisfaction of the customer and the results obtained in the following deliveries, we are gradually changing the conventional models for our models. Customer very happy with the results obtained. Models Used in Boilers, Pump Houses and Utilities. Used solutions: CLI, CL, CLGEX, CL, .CX-BAEX
Conexled’s armored floodlight exceeded all of our expectations. Its durability is really impressive, easily resisting the effects of the sea air, without rusting or corroding. Plus, its high impact resistance ensures there’s no worry about damage from storms or adverse weather conditions.

Ricardo Bacci

They needed a compact lighting for the restaurant that could replace fluorescent tube lighting. The installer recommended our product, CLE
The lighting became more uniform and clear, making the environment more pleasant for employees during meals. In addition, energy savings were significant, which resulted in a reduction in operating costs.

Mauro Noda

Work of 07 years with engineering and which resulted in practically 100% of supplies in the Ageo unit. Due to the confidence obtained and the work carried out, we remain with this client. Solutions used CLY, CLGEX, CLZ, CLT
We are extremely pleased with the LED lighting project carried out at our port terminal seven years ago. Since then, practically 100% of supplies from the Guarujá unit have been supplied. We thank you for the trust placed in our work and we are proud to have remained with this client over these years.

Mauro Noda

We started to optimize the sectors with some of our models, gradually replacing some LED models from other manufacturers. For two years we have been providing service and supplying our models. Including for the water treatment sector.
Conexled provided a personalized solution and service, high quality and efficient equipment, and showed a real commitment to customer satisfaction.

Mauro Noda

Success was with this luminaire because it was light, compact and with great luminous efficiency.
The Customer is very satisfied with the Conexled luminaires because they are lightweight and compact, allowing them to be easily installed in different areas of our workshop. Furthermore, the efficiency of the new luminaires will allow significant savings in electricity costs in the long term.

Marcelo Malheiros

We are energy in motion

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Check out some of our completed lighting projects in other segments:

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