Completed projects

Public spaces illuminated with Conexled power

There are no more doubts about the extremely positive impacts of LED lighting for public spaces, it plays an increasingly important role in improving citizens’ quality of life, saving resources, and even in social climate.

Check out some of the public spaces we have completed:

Três Tentos Vera

The CLP-A and CLF luminaires were used in the external areas in the construction project of 3 Tentos.
The Conexled team worked to ensure that the customer’s needs were met with the CLP-A luminaire, which offers a modern design, easy installation and maintenance.

Ricardo Bacchi


The customer had problems with theft and would like to promote sustainability and efficiency energy in the company.
With the CLS 80 luminaire we can offer a slim design with autonomous operation, being powered by sunlight that contributes to energy savings and focus on sustainability of the company.

Marcos Vinicius

The challenge for this project was to find a decorative luminaire that would light a longer perimeter around the pole. This luminaire was considered the best ever tested on this customer. Solutions used: CLD
The elegant design of the Conexled luminaire seamlessly integrates into the existing landscape and architecture. It is a decorative luminaire that combines aesthetics and functionality in a perfect way.

Guilherme Marinho

Tunnel standards adequacy project according to ANTT’s premise, there are 3 phases of daytime, night and emergency lighting, the whole project developed and presented according to specific tunnel regulations, where we were able to reach the indexes with our CLG model. The CLG model is the ideal product for tunnels due to ambient climate such as dust and vibrations.
With the new lighting project using Conexled floodlight, we can guarantee more uniform and efficient lighting, which brought more safety for users and greater visual comfort for those traveling in the tunnel.

Marcos Vinicius

The entire project study was based on the Brazilian standard ABNT NBR 5181 – Tunnel Lighting Systems – Requirements that regulate the adequate illuminance for entrance and exit of tunnels, acceptable glare levels, uniformity, among other technical specifications, according to each classification of route and uses.
Conexled floodlights installed in highway tunnels provided a reliable, efficient and durable lighting solution, improving user safety!

Marcos Vinicius

Educalia Square in Uruguay

The works were carried out by the Department of Architecture of the Intendancy of Soriano and included the installation of 17 luminaires from the Prumirim Line by Conexled.
With the new lighting in the square, there is a noticeable improvement in the lighting of this public space, resulting in urban quality and greater safety for residents and visitors.

Elaine Zerlin

Morro da Mesa Toll Plaza

This was the Toll Plaza project for a concessionaire where the biggest challenge was controlling glare and the amount of lux. Considering the high ambient temperature, we use floodlights from the Indaiá line and certified public lighting from the Iporanga line to guarantee high-performance lighting!
What really impressed the dealership staff was the energy savings these floodlights provided. Compared to the old mercury lamps, modular LED floodlights have significantly reduced energy consumption and maintenance expenses.

Ricardo Bacci

Those responsible for the Castelo Gas Station in Campinas, Brazil opted to replace conventional lighting with LED lighting. In this project, 16 Conexled luminaires of the Camburi CLC model were used. This replacement guaranteed greater comfort and safety for employees and customers who frequent the place.
We strongly recommend Conexled for Gas Stations looking for high quality and energy efficient lighting solutions.

Elaine Zerlin

Museum of Industry in Uruguay

In this project, Guaraú line floodlights were used, which offer versatility and a compact design for use in external and internal environments, such as facades, industrial areas, gardens, among others.
The lighting of the place offered a sense of security and tranquility for visitors. In addition, the lighting also highlighted the beauty of the building and the surrounding landscape, making the environment even more beautiful and welcoming.

Elaine Zerlin

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Check out some of our completed lighting projects in other segments

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