Conexled now available to all Dialux users

Ease of solutions for each project

Conexled is now available to all Dialux users, bringing more ease and efficiency to the lighting process. With this new addition, Dialux users will be able to freely use Conexled’s LED luminaire options, in addition to being able to experiment with different configurations and lighting effects in their projects.

Conexled project team

Conexled offers a variety of products and models, allowing users to find the perfect solution for their specific industrial lighting needs. With the partnership with Dialux, lighting professionals have quick and easy access to detailed information about the luminaires within the HEIs, such as – luminous flux, power, color temperature, among others… Be sure to consult the technical specifications and performance information found on our website.

Now, Dialux users can make the most of Conexled lines, easing the lighting design process and helping to create even more impressive and energy-efficient environments. The acquisition of Conexled expands the use of our products throughout South America, ensuring that they have access to the latest and most innovative LED lighting solutions available at

What is Dialux and its importance in lighting design

For those who are not familiar, Dialux is a professional lighting design software widely used in the lighting industry. It allows lighting professionals to create accurate and realistic lighting designs, taking into account factors such as space layout, room type, and specific lighting needs.

With its intuitive interface and advanced calculation capabilities, Dialux simplifies the lighting design process, allowing professionals to visualize the final result before even physically implementing it. It also offers accurate calculation tools to determine the appropriate number of luminaires, light distribution and energy consumption, ensuring efficient and cost-effective results.

Benefits of using Conexled lines in Dialux

Here are some of the main benefits of using Conexled lines in Dialux:

1. Release of use of HEIs to choose the best LED luminaires:

The Conexled lines offer Dialux users unlimited use of our parts, which allows access to a variety of products and models of LED luminaires. This means that lighting professionals have a wide range of options to choose from and can find the perfect solution to meet the needs of each project.

2.Detailed information and technical specifications on our website:  

On the website, users can find detailed information about the luminaires, including technical specifications, performance data and other relevant information. This allows professionals to make informed choices and make accurate decisions when specifying luminaires in their projects.

3. Our Download area is designed to be easy to use.

Users can access the library with just a few clicks and begin exploring available lighting options immediately. This saves time and effort, allowing lighting professionals to focus on design and creation.

How to download and access the Conexled Library, for use in Dialux

1.Download the Conexled Library: Go to the official Conexled website and download the Conexled Library. Our photometries are files with IES extension.

2. Download and Open Dialux: After having access to our IES, open the website and follow the installation instructions. If you are already a user of the software, make sure that the version you are using is the latest update available.

3. Insert our HEIs into Dialux and explore the lighting possibilities: Now you’re ready to explore the Conexled Library and experiment with different lighting settings and effects in your projects.

Tips and tricks for optimizing lighting design with the Conexled Library

Here are some tips and tricks for optimizing lighting design using Conexled products in Dialux:

1. Consider the environment: When specifying Conexled Library luminaires, take into account the environment in which they will be installed. Consider factors such as the color of the walls, the height of the ceiling and the presence of objects that may affect the distribution of light.

2. Try different settings: The Conexled Library offers a wide range of application types  and lighting effects. Try different combinations to find the perfect solution for each project.

3. Consider energy efficiency: When choosing lighting fixtures, take energy efficiency into consideration. Choose high-efficiency LED luminaires to ensure reduced energy consumption.

4. Make use of the calculation tools: Dialux offers accurate calculation tools to determine the appropriate number of luminaires and light distribution. Use these tools to obtain accurate and efficient results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Conexled Library and Dialux Integration

Here are some frequently asked questions about Conexled and Dialux:

1. Is the Conexled Library free?
Yes, the Conexled Library is free, visit:

2. Can I use the Conexled Library in commercial projects?
Yes, the Conexled Library can be used in commercial and mainly industrial projects.

3. Is the Conexled Library updated regularly?
Yes, Conexled regularly updates the Conexled Library to include the latest fixtures and resources.

Emphasizing Conexled on increasing the construction efficiency of lighting projects.

With Conexled’s IES curves, lighting professionals can easily find the perfect lighting solutions for each project, saving time and effort when choosing. Partnering with Dialux increases the efficiency of lighting design, allowing users to create stunning, energy-efficient environments. Try the Conexled Library at, insert it into Dialux and discover how it can transform your lighting projects.

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