Do you already know Conexled’s line of hermetic luminaires?

Discover Conexled’s new line of hermetic luminaires: Boracéia

Famous in the food and refrigeration industries, the highly resistant hermetic LED luminaire addresses issues involving this type of environment, such as: negative temperatures, constant washing, high pressure water jets.

Today we launched the newest version of the hermetic luminaire, the Boracéia line.

Even more economical and efficient and with a more diverse power range, reaching up to 90W of power, which allows for greater application possibilities, such as freezing tunnels.

Furthermore, the line has a high IP degree of protection, being completely resistant to thermal shocks caused by hot high-pressure jets, preventing parts from cracking. Situations constantly experienced in slaughterhouse environments.

In boning areas, where washing is constant, a very high quality sealing system against liquids is necessary, which can be found in the Boracéia line (CLB HP), duly tested in our own laboratories, we offer a 5-year guarantee.

Another important factor that makes Conexled’s Boracéia line the most beloved in the food sector is its impact protection, IK. Ensuring perfect operation in mezzanine installations with a high incidence of vibration due to the installations’ machinery.

Learn more about IP and IK here

See some more features of the Boracéia line and what makes Conexled’s hermetic LED luminaire so special!


So that we can guarantee the highest quality for your industry, we have the main certifications required in the market:

  • NBR IEC – 60598-1 General Requirements and Tests
  • NBR IEC – 60529 Degree of Protection for Enclosures of Electrical Equipment (IP Code)
  • NBR IEC – 62031 LED Modules for General Lighting – Safety Specifications
  • IES LM 80-08 – Approved Method for Measurements Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources
  • IES TM 21 – Projecting Long Term Lumen Maintenance of LED light Sources


Among its exclusive construction features you will find: 

  • Electrical protection devices against Short Circuit, Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Overheating
  • IP 66 or IP 69
  • Lifespan of 100 thousand hours
  • Its body is made of Extruded Aluminum Alloy and Milky Polycarbonate to avoid glare in low-rise environments.

About your installation

Its installation is an extremely versatile system, being overlapping using multifunctional fixing clips.

Support system for cable tray or pipe support can be purchased as an option.

Discover the entire Boracéia line, hermetic Led Conexled luminaires

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