How to choose a luminaire for industrial ovens?

Discover Conexled’s ideal solution for lighting in high temperature environments

One of the biggest challenges for industries that use furnaces to transform raw materials is maintaining a safe and well-lit working environment, given the difficulties with high temperatures that directly affect the useful life of electronic equipment.

And how to establish a bright and safe environment?

What does NR 14 say about working with ovens and low lighting?

Depending on the environment the employee will be exposed to, this may cause:

  • Serious vision problems;
  • Eye irritation;
  • Extreme eye strain;
  • And even skin problems.

In addition to the well-being involved, issues related to safety are the main benefits of adequate lighting.

Professionals wonder how to maintain a uniform project, in relation to energy consumption and costs involved in maintaining lamps in this type of location where the temperature can exceed 70°C.

This challenge is present in steel industries where pig iron is produced, industries that use large boilers such as paper and cellulose, for roasting malt in beverage industries and also in ceramic industries.

Commonly, LED luminaires have greater performance in cold environments, or need a good heat dissipation system so that the LED maintains its useful life according to the LM80 standard.

The good performance of the LED luminaire at high temperatures is much more related to the preservation of the driver, which is nothing more than the luminaire’s power supply, rather than the LED board responsible for emitting the light.

What ensures the high performance of an LED luminaire in these locations, in addition to an excellent mechanical construction designed for perfect thermal dissipation, is a good distribution design of the electronic components, which strategically, placing the driver away from the optical body, avoids overload. of heat, and guaranteeing the useful life of the luminaire.

Therefore, Conexled brings to the market the ideal solution for this type of application: Guaecá CLG-HT Line LED projectors

To develop this solution, we relied on 14 years of experience working on specific lighting projects for heavy industry.

And we also have a structure of our own laboratories to carry out the necessary tests to guarantee the highest performance, which is why we guarantee a useful life of these solutions within 2 years of warranty, unlike the market where a luminaire in these installation conditions has an average duration of 6 months.

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