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Meet Conexled’s 12 LED floodlight lines for specific environments

LED Floodlights by Conexled

The term “LED Floodlights” is broader research areas in themselves.

In this article, we will cover all the product lines that Conexled manufactures.

Did you know that there are more than 12 product lines?

Yes, that’s right! Each line has its own characteristics, with a dedicated development for specific environments and applications.

However, do you know what all 12 product lines have in common? They all have maximum quality electronic components and robustness as a mechanical characteristic.

Let’s get to know some of them!

High Power

GUAIÚBA LINE CLG-HP is ideal for lighting towers, offering up to 794W of power with a package of over 102,000 lumens.
For extremely tall towers with one of the highest powers on the market, we developed the GUAIÚBA LINE CLG-HG which ranges from 900W to 1400W of power and an incredible package of lumens of up to 186,000 lm.

Industrial Solutions

GUAECÁ LINE CLG-CR, developed for the most complex environments with a high degree of corrosion, such as fertilizer industries and water treatment stations, etc.

The highlight of the CLG-CR line is its exclusive CONEXREVEST painting.

Speaking of severe environments in industries, we can mention the GUAECÁ LINE SPECIAL CLG-HT, a shielded LED projector for high temperatures, a solution for environments where the temperature exceeds 70°C, very common in steel industries.

Another solution that was developed especially for industrial environments is the shielded LED reflector with anti-vibration suspension, GUAECÁ LINE SPECIAL CLG-SPR, ideal for environments with high vibration such as machinery, offering greater safety.

To ensure a complete product line, we launched the shielded projector with emergency module, thinking about providing a complete solution for industrial environments, check out the GUAECÁ LINE CLG-E which operates with conventional power supply from the network and through the emergency module using batteries in case of power failure.


Our GUAECÁ LINE CLG-J shielded LED projector was the first LED shielded product line developed by Conexled, and it is so special that it has already gained an exclusive curiosity video released on the day of lighting! The GUAECÁ LINE CLG-J is synonymous with versatility, and all the other lines mentioned above originated from it.

And, thinking about versatility, this year we launched the MARAÚ – CLR-P line, an economical version of the shielded LED reflector, with a 3-year warranty that differentiates it from the Guaecá CLG J, still with a monoblock system and super slim design.

Modular System

For simpler applications but no less resistant, the INDAIÁ LINE

CLF-MP is perfect. It stands out for providing easy installation, has reduced weight and excellent heat dissipation.

Do you want to know more about our family of floodlights? Then follow us on our social media, as from today, we will talk even more about them!

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