Polycarbonate or Glass? See its pros and cons.

Choosing the ideal lens for industrial luminaires: an analysis between polycarbonate and glass

Well, when choosing the ideal luminaire for the application, you can come across luminaires with these two characteristics, but what would be the best option anyway?

It depends on the application.

We brought this article to direct the user to the most appropriate choice for your needs without raising false flags, but to bring relevant information about lighting in order to make the user as satisfied as possible with your project!

Let’s go?

The choice between glass or polycarbonate diffuser for an industrial luminaire depends on many factors, such as the environment in which it will be installed, the type of lighting desired and the luminaire’s working conditions.

About the Polycarbonate lens

The first point that we must emphasize is that the polycarbonate diffusers used in industrial lighting need protection against UV rays, which are required in laboratory tests for certification in accordance with INMETRO ordinances.

However, polycarbonate can also be affected by environmental factors, such as heat, humidity and pollutants, which can accelerate the yellowing process, compromising its transparency and original color, consequently compromising its luminous flux.

That is, the exposure of polycarbonate in industrial applications, where the environment is considered severe, containing high levels of pollutants, gases and high temperatures, oxidation of polycarbonate is observed, turning the material yellow.

Finally, in order to guarantee the useful life informed by the manufacturer of the luminaire, it is important to pay attention to the applications, that is, the environment where the luminaire will be installed. Not exposing the material to severe industrial conditions.

The luminaire with polycarbonate cover brings the idea of a lighter and more compact product, therefore it applies to less aggressive environments in the industry.

About the glass diffuser

Glass is a material with many advantages for industrial lighting applications, especially in places where conditions are severe. Some of the advantages of glass include:

  1. High thermal resistance: The glass is able to withstand high temperatures without deforming or losing its transparency, making it an excellent option for luminaires in places with high temperatures.
  2. High mechanical resistance: Glass is a material that is very resistant to impacts and vibrations without breaking or cracking, making it a good choice for industrial lighting in places where there is a risk of impacts or vibrations.
  3. Chemical resistance: Glass is resistant to many chemicals and will not react with most common chemicals, making it a safe choice for industrial environments where corrosive chemicals may be present.
  4. Durability: Glass is a durable and wear-resistant material, which means that luminaires made from glass can have a longer lifespan than luminaires made from other materials.
  5. Ease of cleaning: Glass is a material that is easy to clean and maintain, making the maintenance of the luminaires simpler.

What is also relevant to point out that the type of glass used in industrial lighting fixtures is special, meeting the standards, tests and trials required by Inmetro, sometimes more resistant than common glass. What certifies the lifespan of the luminaire announced by the manufacturer.

Finally, we emphasize that the best alternative is the one that best fits your needs and delivers the best result, efficiency and durability.

And, speaking of industrial lighting designed for more aggressive areas, with high levels of dust, vapors and gases, we cannot fail to mention the CLT – Timbó line by Conexled.

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