Armored LED Floodlight

Line Guaecá


Discover the Guaecá Line CLG-J(F) Armored LED Floodlight, designed for harsh environments, offering robustness and efficient lighting with complete IP67 protection and IK08 impact resistance.

2893lm (+10%)

5 years warranty

Technical description

Technical characteristics

Power30W (±10%)
Lumens4000 lm (±10%)
Working Voltage220-240 VAC / 100-277 VAC / 100-280 VDC
Operation Frequency50/60Hz
Standard Color Temperature5000k (±275k)
Beam Opening Angles90°
Warranty5 Years Warranty
Protection GradeIP67
Impact GradeIK08

About the lamp

The Guaecá Line CLG-J(F) Armored LED Floodlight is designed to deliver high-efficiency and durable lighting in harsh environments. Ideal for areas exposed to severe weather conditions, gases, vapors, and dust, as well as sheltered locations, this floodlight stands out for its robustness and effective illumination.

Available in a wide range of powers from 30W to 400W, the CLG-J(F) comes equipped with a 10kA surge protector, providing additional protection against voltage spikes. With dimming options available upon request, this floodlight allows for light intensity adjustment according to the specific needs of the location.

Constructed with a die-cast aluminum body and tempered glass closure, it offers excellent mechanical strength (impact grade IK08) and is fully sealed against external elements (protection grade IP67). The series is available with various beam angles from 10° to 120°, offering flexibility for diverse lighting applications.

This floodlight is an ideal choice for use in industries, tolls, docks, platforms, railways, ports, sheds, mills, and airports, and is suitable for hydroelectric plants, providing a reliable solution for areas requiring high-performance lighting in extreme conditions.

Technical drawing

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