Explosion Proof LED Luminaire (Zone 1 and 2 or 21 and 22) - Fixed Pending

Line Sapê


Explosion Proof LED Luminaire CLYX-PDT, with fixed pendant installation, high resistance and durability for Zone 1, 2, 21, and 22.

2893lm (+10%)

3 years warranty

Technical description

Technical characteristics

Power20W (±10%)
Lumens2900 lm (±10%)
Working Voltage220-240 VAC / 100-277 VAC / 100-280 VDC
Operating Frequency50/60Hz
Standard Color Temperature5000K (±275K)
Beam Opening Angle115°
Warranty3 to 5 Years Warranty
Protection GradeIP66
Impact GradeIK08

About the lamp

The Explosion Proof LED Luminaire from the Sapê Line, model CLYX-PDT (Fixed Pendant), is an advanced solution designed to provide high mechanical and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use in environments classified as Zone 1 and 2 or 21 and 22. With an exceptional thermal dissipation design, this luminaire is extremely versatile, adapting to various industrial and commercial applications.

Manufactured with high-quality cast aluminum, the CLYX-PDT luminaire ensures durability and resistance in harsh conditions. The lens is made of 4mm tempered glass or 4mm polycarbonate, available in anti-glare blasted or transparent versions, providing greater safety and luminous efficiency. This model offers reliable and effective lighting in areas where the presence of explosive atmospheres is a risk.

The Explosion Proof LED Luminaire CLYX-PDT is available in various power ratings: 20W, 28W, 43W, 60W, 78W, 92W, 119W, 135W, and 185W, with luminous fluxes ranging from 2900 lm (±10%) to 23495 lm (±10%). The standard color temperature is 5000K (±275K), with a beam opening angle of 115°, ideal for wide and uniform lighting.

This luminaire operates on voltages of 220-240 VAC, 100-277 VAC, or 100-280 VDC, with an operating frequency of 50/60Hz. It has an IP66 protection rating, making it dustproof and waterproof, and an IK08 impact rating, ensuring impact resistance. Additionally, it features a 10kA surge protector, enhancing the system’s electrical safety.

The Explosion Proof LED Luminaire CLYX-PDT is ideal for application in hydroelectric plants, refineries, industries, mills, platforms, classified areas, and aggressive environments. It complies with NBR IEC 60598-1, NBR IEC 62031, IES LM 80-08, IES TM 21, ABNT NBR IEC 60079-0, 60079-7, 60079-18, 60079-28, 60079-31, and 60529 standards, ensuring high quality and conformity with safety standards.

Technical drawing

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