What is clean and sustainable energy?

Find out what clean and sustainable energy is and how it’s transforming the market

You have probably heard of environmental sustainability, ESG strategies, and the concern to diversify energy sources to reduce CO2 and CO gases that are harmful to our health and contribute to the increase in the temperature of our planet, damaging the entire ecosystem!

Well, the search for clean and renewable energy is not an isolated choice of companies and industries. Once consumers themselves began to become aware, their choices are directly based and grounded according to the behavior of brands and what they convey in terms of culture, mission, and values!

But what is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is obtained from resources that do not deplete. That is directly linked to natural phenomena such as: sun, water, and wind. And also biomass from organic materials, wave and tidal power, which is the energy generated by the force of waves and tides, and geothermal energy, which is the heat from the interior of the earth.

What does clean energy mean?

Clean energy is not harmful to the atmosphere, it releases less or no pollutants into the air, reducing environmental impacts.

Examples of clean energy are solar, hydraulic, wind, biomass, tidal, and geothermal energy.

The advantages:

  • In addition to financial return, as these resources are much more economical.
  • The option to become a more sustainable company will lead you to a more responsible brand positioning with the environment.
  • Have more autonomy with respect to energy production and consumption.
  • And contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Why are we seeing more and more companies generating their own energy? Certainly, the reduction of costs in the electricity bill and, clearly, due to environmental impacts.

In addition, the democracy established with the Free Energy Market allows them to avoid tax fees.

Also noteworthy is the appreciation of ESG concepts, which once followed, elevate companies to another level of competitiveness and relevance within the market.

The big players in the food, meat, beverage, and agribusiness sectors move every day to establish and meet their goals regarding the reduction of polluting gases. Many have built their own energy-generating plants, whether solar, wind, or biomass. Establishing their sustainability committees and disclosing their results annually. With them, Conexled is walking alongside in the development of LED solutions and industrial projects, so that these industries can continue their steps towards a more sustainable planet.

Curious to know how Conexled operates in all these projects?

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