4 characteristics to evaluate an LED luminaire

Learn how to efficiently and safely evaluate an LED luminaire.

Before purchasing an LED luminaire, it is essential to consider some important characteristics. Items such as luminous flux, color temperature, efficiency, and product life are fundamental factors, but there are other important characteristics when choosing the best product on the market. More than understanding the lifespan of the luminaire, it is knowing which parameters to consider, what to analyze, the efficiency of the product, degree of protection, among others.

Check out some of the key characteristics below to evaluate the quality and performance of an LED product:

Photometric Characteristics

Luminous flux – The technical term luminous flux indicates the amount of light that a source emits in all directions, producing a visual stimulus. Its unit of measure is lumens (lm).

Luminous efficacy (lm/W) – is the ratio of luminous flux to power, indicating how efficiently a light source converts the energy it receives.

Beam angle – Term referring to the degree that determines the irradiated angle of the light source.

Luminous distribution curve – analyzes the type of photometry and indicates the distribution of the luminous intensity of a point of light in a work plane.

UGR (Unified Glare Rating) – It is the acronym referring to the glare index produced by a light source; a numerical way to define the brightness of a luminaire and how much glare it produces.

Chromatic Characteristics

Color temperature and its tolerance – Often mentioned in lighting design projects, color temperature expresses the color appearance of light. The higher the temperature, the bluer the color of the light, while the lower it is, the more reddish it will become.

Color rendering index – abbreviated as CRI, the color rendering index is a scale that measures how much a light source reproduces the real color of an object or surface illuminated by it. It corresponds to a number ranging from 0 to 100, the closer to 100, the more accurate the color reproduction will be. Usually, LED luminaires have a CRI close to 80.

Mechanical Characteristics

IP protection rating – IP protection classes or IP protection rating are international standards defined by the IEC 60529 standard to protect equipment.

Material characteristics – The lifespan of LED technology luminaires depends not only on the LED lifespan but also on the conditions of all the components of the product.

Resistance to impact IK, vibrations, and wind force – Tests carried out to guarantee resistance to atmospheric conditions, considering sizes, materials, and dimensions of the luminaire.

Electrical Characteristics

Non-dimmable / Dimmable – With a dimming control luminaire, it is possible to regulate the light intensity of the luminaire, allowing for optimized consumption and altering the visual sensation of the environment.

Surge protection – Devices with surge protection (DPS) divert surge currents from the luminaire, i.e., avoid electrical surges normally caused by lightning strikes or network fluctuations.

Considering the four main characteristics when evaluating an LED luminaire, Conexled is prepared to serve the industrial segment that requires high-performance lighting by providing test reports on the products developed.

Perfect for lighting warehouses, sheds, food, pharmaceutical, and power plants, public areas, gas stations, and all places that require efficient lighting, ensuring professional lighting with quality and guarantee.

Much of the product line is prepared or can be supplied with Telegestion or Automation equipment, i.e., they are even more efficient because with this system, it will be possible to control the intensity of each luminaire in real-time, reducing at pre-established times and consequently optimizing energy and maintenance costs.

Conexled luminaires still produce minimal heat and do not emit ultraviolet rays, besides being recyclable and not contaminating the environment, contributing to reducing environmental impacts. Click here and get to know the products.

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