Do you know the difference between Lumens X Watts?

Learn about the importance of considering Lumens X Watts when choosing LED luminaires

When we talk about LED luminaires, we must pay attention to the technical specifications of the product to choose the best option according to its application. Many believe that to ensure a reduction in electricity usage, simply replacing conventional luminaires with the first available LED model will suffice. However, this lack of technical knowledge can end up causing higher expenses instead of actually saving money.

But how do we replace conventional lighting with the best LED option?

The technical specifications may initially seem daunting, but they are quite simple. Analyzing the power of the product will indicate whether the product is suitable for a particular environment, but it is essential to pay attention to the lumen per watt it offers. The confusion between Lumens and Watts exists because for a long time, we bought light bulbs based solely on the amount of Watts indicated.

Watt (W)

Watt indicates the power consumption that a light fixture generates to provide light. In other words, the lower the Watt value, the lower the energy consumption. However, it is worth remembering that high or low power does not influence the efficiency of the light fixture. For this, luminosity must also be considered, meaning how much the light fixture illuminates or how much light it emits.

Lumen (lm)

Lumen, on the other hand, is the unit of measure used for luminous flux, which is nothing more than the amount of light that the light fixture emits and how much it will illuminate. LED is currently the lighting system that consumes the least, but it is essential that when purchasing an LED light fixture, both the value of Watts and Lumens are analyzed, as this is the formula for luminous efficiency.

But how do we choose the correct option for my environment?

LED luminaires are the best choices in the market because they combine low energy consumption (Watts) with high luminous potential (Lumens). In summary, it is ideal to choose the light fixture that emits the highest number of Lumens while consuming the least amount of energy. Knowing this, when purchasing LED light fixtures, it is best to choose products that have an adequate number of Lumens for the project of the environment, as well as considering certified and high-quality products at the time of selection. Only then will there be a guarantee that the investment was worthwhile and that there was actually a reduction in energy consumption.

To make it even more accurate, it is ideal to carry out a lighting design project, favoring the necessary requirements for the lighting of a particular environment and aiming for increasingly intelligent consumption.

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