Find out about Explosive Atmospheres

Learn about the importance of certified LED lighting in environments with explosive atmospheres

Electrical equipment installed in places where there is an explosive atmosphere or classified area are sources of risk. For this reason, safety requirements are increasingly demanding in order to protect life and property.

But after all, what are Explosive Atmospheres?

Explosive atmospheres are environments where flammable substances are manipulated in the form of gas, vapor or dust, which, when mixed with air, present a risk of explosions. For an explosion to occur, a combination of three elements is required:

  • Ignition source: which can be electrical sparks or thermal effect (very high temperatures);
  • Oxidizing: which in this case is oxygen (since air is composed of oxygen, this element is present everywhere);
  • Flammable or combustible substance: gas, steam, combustible dust and combustible fiber.

And why is the right LED lighting so important in these environments?

LED luminaires in areas considered explosive can pose many risks as they can become an ignition source. For this reason, it is mandatory to use equipment certified as “explosion-proof”, because if there is a problem in the electronic circuit of the luminaire that could generate a spark, the equipment itself will be able to contain this spark inside it, preventing it from escaping and causing an explosion.

And how is the certification of LED Luminaires for classified areas done?

LED luminaires prepared for explosive atmospheres require appropriate elements in their construction. They undergo several tests of resistance and Conformity of “Ex” products, complying with the Brazilian standard for the Certification of Electrical Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres, in accordance with the technical regulations of INMETRO Ordinance No. 179.

What industrial installations have explosive atmospheres?

As examples of industrial installations that have explosive atmospheres, we can mention Mining Companies, Oil Refineries, Chemical or Petrochemical Industries, Sugar and Alcohol Industries, Food, Onshore and Offshore Areas, Pulp and Paper, among others.

Considering all these factors, it is essential to correctly choose the appropriate lighting for these locations. In these cases, certified LED Lighting prepared for Explosive Atmosphere Lighting is essential.

Due to its serious consequences, the results of an explosion in an industrial installation of this type can represent great losses of property and human life, under penalty of indemnities in cases of accidents and fines for not complying with the current work standards.

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