What do big brands have in common?

If you’ve made it this far, you probably want to know what JBS, Nestlé, Ambev and Kellogg’s have in common besides leading the market within the food industry? Well, we can say that they were all guided by quality when choosing lighting equipment for their production lines. If you are from the food industry, you […]

Polycarbonate or Glass? See its pros and cons.

Well, when choosing the ideal luminaire for the application, you can come across luminaires with these two characteristics, but what would be the best option anyway? It depends on the application. We brought this article to direct the user to the most appropriate choice for your needs without raising false flags, but to bring relevant […]

Why is the Guaecá line – CLG the most specified among designers?

Guaecá LED Floodlight The CLG line was the first line developed by Conexled and is still one of the most used and specified floodlights in our projects. Excellent mechanical construction It is a Shielded LED Floodlight with integral IP67 and IK08. Tempered glass and stainless steel screws, its cast aluminum body allows for perfect thermal […]

Meet our family!

LED Floodlights by Conexled The term “LED Floodlights” is broader research areas in themselves. In this article, we will cover all the product lines that Conexled manufactures. Did you know that there are more than 12 product lines? Yes, that’s right! Each line has its own characteristics, with a dedicated development for specific environments and […]

Emergency lighting system. Features and the best solutions!

In this article we will talk a little about emergency lighting systems in industrial premises, especially the importance of building an escape route lighting project and its best practices. We will also point out some solutions and the main characteristics to be evaluated when specifying the emergency luminaire for your project.   Emergency lighting system, how […]

Lighting for Mining: Check out the 4 most commonly used options in the world’s largest mines.

In mining, especially in underground environments, good lighting is essential to ensure efficient operations. Considering that there are many hazardous areas with explosive atmospheres, extra care must be taken with the products used, which require safety. To address this, we have gathered LED luminaires used in Brazil’s largest mines. Check them out: Guaraú Line Certain […]

Do you already know Conexled’s line of hermetic luminaires?

Famous in the food and refrigeration industries, the highly resistant hermetic LED luminaire addresses issues involving this type of environment, such as: negative temperatures, constant washing, high pressure water jets. Today we launched the newest version of the hermetic luminaire, the Boracéia line. Even more economical and efficient and with a more diverse power range, […]

How to choose a luminaire for industrial ovens?

One of the biggest challenges for industries that use furnaces to transform raw materials is maintaining a safe and well-lit working environment, given the difficulties with high temperatures that directly affect the useful life of electronic equipment. And how to establish a bright and safe environment? What does NR 14 say about working with ovens […]

How a versatile luminaire can make a difference

Industrial lighting projects are quite complex, as they have several different areas within the same complex, such as places with great heights, machinery that has high vibration, environments with temperature variations, fluctuations in the electrical network, etc… There are also industrial areas that require products with additional protection, such as environments with a high incidence […]

Project with Conexled lighting in a highway tunnel in Santa Catarina

When thinking about a lighting project for tunnels, you need to be aware of the visual impact that affects the driver when entering and exiting road tunnels. Problems with glare and contrast between light and shadow can affect the visibility of the vehicle driver who, influenced by the light outside the tunnel, can compromise safe […]

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