The Total Life Cycle of Facilities in Explosive Atmospheres

*Adapted from Roberval Bulgarelli’s talk. In environments with explosive atmospheres, such as oil refineries, oil platforms and agro industries, safety is paramount at all stages of the installations’ life cycle. This article explores the importance of certifying professionals and companies at all stages, from acquisition to maintenance to avoid serious accidents. Introduction In places where […]

Revit blocks are available on the Conexled website!

Conexled is excited to announce super news for architects, engineers and designers! Now, you can access and download our Revit blocks, making the process of integrating our products into your lighting projects even easier. Why choose Revit Blocks? Precision and Realism: Each Revit block is precisely created to accurately reflect our products. This allows you […]

High Power and Midi Power LED types. Which one to choose?

In this article we will talk a little about the main types of LED and which is the best option for each application. You will read about: For lighting industrial environments, both internal and external areas and public lighting, the use of High Power or Midi Power LEDs is most common.   The LED known as […]

LED lighting in mining: reducing impacts and costs

Let’s go with data? Despite the numbers being absurdly high, the performance still shows a drop compared to the period in 2021. The mining sector has been encountering some challenges, according to the Business Risks and Opportunities in Mining and Metals in Brazil report, now published in June/2023 by the EY Agency in partnership with […]

Como economizar com projeto luminotécnico?

Realizar um projeto luminotécnico é uma excelente maneira de unir técnica e arte da iluminação, favorecendo os requisitos necessários para a iluminação de determinado ambiente. Entretanto, em tempos de alta nos custos de energia, é fundamental atentar-se aos produtos selecionados para o projeto, pois sendo adequado ele consegue economizar muita energia elétrica, por meio das […]

Conceitos importantes para iluminação em frigoríficos

No ambiente de frigoríficos, os desafios para iluminação são variados e dentre eles podemos citar a questão da umidade, lavagens constantes, geralmente com jatos de alta pressão e algumas vezes jatos quentes, havendo o choque térmico. Além da temperatura ambiente ser abaixo de 0ºC dentro das câmaras frias. Diante deste cenário, o que seria importante […]

Do you know the difference between Lumens X Watts?

When we talk about LED luminaires, we must pay attention to the technical specifications of the product to choose the best option according to its application. Many believe that to ensure a reduction in electricity usage, simply replacing conventional luminaires with the first available LED model will suffice. However, this lack of technical knowledge can […]

Find out about Explosive Atmospheres

Electrical equipment installed in places where there is an explosive atmosphere or classified area are sources of risk. For this reason, safety requirements are increasingly demanding in order to protect life and property. But after all, what are Explosive Atmospheres? Explosive atmospheres are environments where flammable substances are manipulated in the form of gas, vapor […]

How to choose the best lighting for Pulp and Paper Industries

When planning the lighting for a paper and cellulose industry, some important factors must be considered according to the area of ​​application and each environment. Carefully planned industrial lighting reduces the risk of accidents, saves energy and makes better use of the entire industrial process. But, how do you know which is the ideal option […]

4 characteristics to evaluate an LED luminaire

Before purchasing an LED luminaire, it is essential to consider some important characteristics. Items such as luminous flux, color temperature, efficiency, and product life are fundamental factors, but there are other important characteristics when choosing the best product on the market. More than understanding the lifespan of the luminaire, it is knowing which parameters to […]

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